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Natural energy sources are inefficient because they do not care about demand waves.

The recovered natural energy can be used efficiently if hydrogen is used as a medium. It’s not just that cars don’t emit exhaust gas. Hydrogen has great significance in promoting the use of natural energy. Fuel cells convert that hydrogen into power.

Our mission is to bring practical products to the world in order to create a new world with fuel cells.

New graduate/second graduate recruitment information

For engineers who are expected to graduate

Job details

  • Fuel cell prototype design
  • Manufacturing equipment design
  • Fuel cell evaluation analysis
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Research and development

Required skills

  • Graduated from a 4th university in science and technology or above
  • Mechanical or electrochemical
    people interested in hydrogen fuel cells 

Company details:

  • Work location: Yokohama
  • Recruitment type: Full-time employee
  • Number of employees: Several people

Career recruitment information

Design and Development

Job description
  • Fuel cell DCDC converter hardware design
Required skills
  • DCDC converter, inverter design experience
  • FCV/EV/HV powertrain design experience
  • Skills such as device development, heat dissipation design, CAN communication, etc. will be given preferential treatment.
Job description
  • Fuel cell system design
Required skills
  • Experience in designing FCV/EV/HV powertrain system
Job description
  • Fuel cell membrane electrode (MEA) development
Required skills
  • Catalyst ink development
  • Coating process experience
  • Mass production equipment experience
  • Quality control