Puro® Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

Powering the future with hydrogen fuel

The origin of the word Puro, from Latin pūrus = to cleanse, purify.

Unlike conventional fossil fuels, which release harmful greenhouse gases and contribute to climate change, Puro® emits only pure water vapor as a by-product. By choosing Puro® as an energy source, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and mitigate the devastating effects of global warming. We hold the power to preserve our planet for future generations, and Puro® provides a key to unlocking that potential.

Puro® can power a wide array of vehicles

From cars and buses to trains and ships, offering a viable and sustainable alternative to traditional combustion engines. With hydrogen, we can drive longer distances, refuel quickly, and experience the same convenience and performance as fossil fuel-powered vehicles, all while leaving a minimal impact on the environment. The transportation sector, a major contributor to pollution, can embrace Puro® as a game-changer, fostering cleaner and greener mobility solutions.

The benefits of Puro® are clear:​

Clean and Eco-Friendly

The only byproduct of the chemical reaction is water vapor, making hydrogen fuel cells a completely clean and environmentally friendly energy source.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Adopting hydrogen fuel cells can significantly reduce carbon emissions, contributing to combating climate change and improving air quality.

High Efficiency

Fuel cell can convert a higher percentage of the chemical energy in hydrogen into usable electricity, reducing energy waste and optimizing power generation.

Quiet and Smooth Operation

Hydrogen fuel cells operate quietly and provide a smooth and vibration-free driving experience in fuel cell vehicles. This characteristic is particularly advantageous for noise reduction in urban environments.

Versatility and Scalability

Hydrogen fuel cells can be used in various applications, from transportation (cars, buses, trucks) to stationary power generation(homes, buildings) and portable electronics.

A technological leap forward​

Our hydrogen fuel cell systems represent a technological leap forward. It is crucial that we embrace the transformative power of hydrogen fuel cells, harness the benefits, and forge a path towards cleaner air, reduced pollution, and a more sustainable future. Our goal is to propel humanity towards a world where innovation and sustainability harmoniously coexist, for the benefit of all, for the benefit of our planet. Suiso® Power: Driving Purity

Technical Specification

The polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM)

Catalyst Layers

Gas Diffusion Layers

Biploar Plates